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     Choosing MarTech you get a business partner as interested in your efficiency as you are. We'll always use plain English and save the geek speak for other technicians. All work is guaranteed.

General Network Services

Network design and implementation
Preventative maintenance programs
System maintenance and repair
System/Software Upgrades
Virus/Spyware removal and prevention
Data backup (Local and offsite) and recovery
Desktop and Network Support
Messaging systems, Including Exchange and Office365
Remote administration
Remote access
VPN Implementation
Wireless Networking
AD Migration
IT Asset Management
Network diagnostics and troubleshooting
Network documentation

HD Security Camera Systems

We use FlukeNetworks Test equipment



We Service and support

Dell, HP and clone servers.

Dell, HP and other workstations and laptops

HP, Cisco and other switches

Sonicwall, Cisco ASA firewalls

We also offer proactive monitoring of your systems

Data Recovery

Beyond restoring your data from backups, We use Drive Savers to recover data from failed drives.


Software Proficiencies Some, but not limited to the following;



All versions of Windows from Windows286 through current Windows 10

Windows Servers Since NT3.1 Through current

MS Office All versions


Exchange servers version 5 through 2013

SQL servers

Hyper-V (virtual systems)

VMWare (virtual systems)

Monterey and Salinas Onsite Computer, Network support and Repair

MarTech Inc

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